TRU Yachts - We create a lifestyle opportunity.

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Top Billing & TRU 32 - Cape Town Boat Show

We at TRU Yachts are a yacht design and construction company and we have specialised in the design and building of affordable mid-sized catamarans powered by sails and motor. Our sailing cats have auxiliary motors, but our motor cats do not have auxiliary sails! But, they are all yachts to us.

How does designing and building mid-sized, affordable sail and motor powered catamarans create a lifestyle opportunity?

Water is the source of life

We believe that a large percentage of the world's quasi-affluent population desire quality time on a yacht. It carries an aura of relaxation, peace, enjoyment, success.

Cruising with friends, family or even just two people together creates a mindset of a picture perfect lifestyle opportunity.
Boating can be Blue-water cruising, off-shore sailing or motoring, bumbling about on rivers, lakes, dams, harbours, or Island hopping - but it involves water and a lifestyle many folk just dream of.

Realising a lifestyle opportunity

We at TRU Yachts, or The Really Unusual Yacht Building Company, to show our full name have focussed our efforts since 2007 when we started TRU Yachts on the design and building of a yacht that can have multiple interior configurations together with flexible and alternate exterior facilities. We have also, fairly obviously, concentrated on such elements as ease of handling whether at sea or on a river. Our team of experienced sailors have taken our more than 100 years of sailing and reviewed all we know to understand the best of creature comforts, space utilisation and attraction of design within the practical usage requirement, succinctly known as form and function.

Our goal was to produce a yacht that could sleep and accommodate 6 adults with ease and space to a comfort level of excellence that would be at home on lake, river or sea and cost less than $200 000. [US Dollars!]. Our TRU32 achieves that and more.

We believe that we are not just boat designers and builders, but more correctly, we are lifestyle opportunity providers - welcome to our world.

How can we help you achieve that lifestyle option desired by many but achieved by few? Just look further at the TRU32 and dream, then act and talk to us.

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